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МБОУ «Первомайская СОШ», посёлок Первомайский Тамбовской области.
Михина Валерия, Емельянова Елена, Иванов Никита - 7 класс,
Учитель английского языка Филатова Лилия Викторовна.

Place we live in is settlement Pervomaiskiy Tambov region. It is 366 kilometres to the south-east from Moscow, the capital of our country. The history of our native place goes back to the 17th century, when it became necessary for small towns Michurinsk and Tambov to take part in building of a big headway “Astrakhanskiy trakt”(now Moscow-Kaspiy), which had to connect them with Ryazan , Ryazhsk and Moscow. The name “settlement Pervomaiskiy” was given to it in 1958. Nowadays Pervomaiskiy is a district centre with population more than 15 thousand people. The territory of Pervomaiskiy is about 25 square kilometres. Our settlement is situated in a beautiful place, where there are many trees and flowers. One can find many forests and ponds not far from it. We are proud of our people, who are working at the famous plant “Pervomaisk Khimmash” and producing equipment for oil industry of our country. Lenin Square is the centre of our settlement, where different meetings and concerts often take place. A beautiful park is situated not far from Lenin square, many people like to spend their free time in it. There are two orthodox churches in our place, they were built on people’donations. There are 3 monuments to soldiers, who gave their lives to defend our Motherland in the Great Patriotic War ,one of them, the citizen of Pervomaiskiy, Victor Fomich Kocherov, became the Hero of the Soviet Union. Young Russian soldiers took part in international operations against terrorists in Afghanistan and Chechnya. People of my settlement are very kind and hospitable. We love our “little Motherland” very much. Welcome to our beautiful settlement Pervomaiskiy!

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