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Tver. The monument to Mikhail of Tver.

Щербакова Алина Михайловна
МОУ «Тверская гимназия №44»
16 лет, ученица 10А класса
Учитель: Сулимова Нина Тимофеевна

My name is Alina Shcherbakova. I’m 16. I study in the 10th form of Tver Gymnasium № 44. I’d like to take part in the contest “Interactive Map of Russia”.

There is a monument of one of the greatest Russian historical figures – Mikhail of Tver – in our town. The Monument to Mikhail of Tver, Grand Prince of Tver, was opened in the center of Tver in Soviet Square in May 2008. The creator of the composition is the national Russian artist — Andriy Kovalchuk. The monument is made of bronze and is set on the pedestal of light gray granite. The composition represents the Grand Prince of Tver sitting on the horseback. The height of the monument is 8.5meters. The pedestal comprises a bronze shield as a symbol of protection of Tver and the whole Russian land. The very image of Prince embodies the greatness of spirit, mind and confidence of an outstanding man.
Mikhail Yaroslavich, also known as Mikhail the Saint, was a Prince of Tver (from 1285) who ruled as Grand Prince of Vladimir from 1304 to 1314 and again from 1315–1318. He is considered one of the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church. Mikhail of Tver, Alexander Nevsky’s nephew, was the first prince who began uniting Russia. He was the one, who confronted the Horde's cavalry openly. In December 1317 at the battle of Bortenevo (Staritsky District), Prince forced it to flee from the battlefield. For many centuries, the historians underestimated the significance of Bortenevo’s battle which, according to the local ethnographers, can be be placed alongside with the Ice Battle, and Kulikov’s Battle.
Mikhail of Tver was sentenced to death. Being well aware of the fact, he went to the North Caucasus to the Khan Uzbek in order to avoid the punitive expedition of the Horde to the Tver land, and it was where he met a martyr's death.

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