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Кузьмичева Елизавета Александровна
ГБОУ СОШ № 1373 ВАО г. Москвы
Я учусь в 8 классе, английский язык учу с 5класса.
Учитель: Суклышкина Елизавета Ивановна

I want to tell you about one of my favorite places of childhood – my grandparents’ house in Gorlovka. It’s a rather small town in Ukraine. I used to go there with my family every summer. My grandparents by my father’s side lived there in their own house with nice courtyard and a beautiful garden. In the shed there were a lot of different interesting things and I really enjoyed being there and finding new things. I liked to play with our dog called Sharik, our cat Vasya and with my brother in the courtyard. We had a sandpit where we used to build a “plumbing”, different sand pies and castles. In the garden and alley nearby we were spending hours with my brother catching grasshoppers, dragonflies and bugs, and playing badminton. I also liked helping my grandmother in the vegetable garden. We were collecting different types of vegetables and fruits – from tomatoes and cucumbers to cherries and apples. I remember my grandfather getting on the tree to pick tasty apricots for us. When I was 5 years old, one day I fell on my knees on the path in the garden and scratched them to blood. At first, I cried but then I even laughed because my brother was always making me laugh. My grandmother used to wake up very early every day to cook wonderful breakfast for our big family. One of the best dishes was cherry dumplings. Every cooking was very interesting and I liked to watch her doing all the necessary things in the kitchen. I liked when my father was going to the city market to buy there some big and juicy watermelons. I always asked to put me more portions on the plate, but each time I couldn’t eat it all. I have a lot of videos from Gorlovka on which I’m very small and funny. I like to watch them and to recall all these nice memories.

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