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The history of the Ulyanovsk province

Тохтилова Мария Валерьевна
МОУ Тагайская СОШ, 11 класс,
Учитель: Коткова Наталья Алексеевна.

The Ulyanovsk province occupies an honorable place in the history of Russian culture. The old Simbirsk was «the landowner of the Volga region towns». The town of Simbirsk was founded as a fortress to protect the southern borders of the Moscow state. It was built by order of tzar Aleksei Michailovich between two rivers: the Volga and the Sviyaga. Like many other towns Simbirsk had its Kremlin, it means the territory was enclosed with high walls; Inside the Kremlin there were many important buildings: the voevodehouse, a special building (Izba), houses of landowners and the Troitsky Cathedral. The poor people, craftsmen, merchants lived in the outskirts of the Kremlin. There were many churches and cloisters, which played a very important role in the life of the settlement because the people believed in God at that time. By 1770 Simbirsk had become the center of industry and commerce for the Middle Volga region. It was a nobiliary town with the population of 16 790 people.
Among the nobiliary families there were such as Polivanovs, the Beketovs, the Davidovs, the Kindyakovs, the Yazykovs. They had their special attitude to the mother¬land - it was everything in their life. In Simbirsk there were 20 schools, a military school, a classic gymnasium, a theological seminary, 2 libraries. The first libraries in the Volga region were opened here. The Karamzinskay library had 34 000 books and the Goncharovskay library;had 2 600 books.
In 1796 the Simbirskay province consisted of 8 districts: Alatyrsky, Ardatovsky, Buinsky, Karsunsky, Kurmishinsky, Sengileysky, Simbirsky, Syzransky. The Simbir¬skay province was the birthplace of such famous writers, poets, statesmen as I.A. Goncharov, D.V. Davidov, N.M. Yazykov, D.D. Minayev, N.M. Karamsin, A.F. Kerensky, A. A. Plastov.
During the Great Patriotic War 155 men from the Ulyanovsk province got Heroes of the Soviet Union. Among them there is: I.S. Polbin, N.G. Maksimov, A.K. Jorovets, Y.P. Karukin, A. Matrosov, V. Deyev. Many streets of the Ulyanovsk province's towns are named after these heroes. 72 men of the province got the Heroes of Socialists Labour for their valuable contri¬bution to the development of the province.

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