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Яцук Анастасия Александровна,
Ученица 7а класса.
МБОУ СОШ №1 г. Вяземского
Вяземского муниципального района Хабаровского края
Учитель Бабушкина Юлия Эдуардовна

Have you ever been in the Russian Far East? We invite you to our native town Vyazemsky. It is located in 126 km to the south of Khabarovsk at the crossing of Trans-Siberian Railway and the Khabarovsk-Vladivostok highway. The town is spread on the terrace of the small rivers, the Pervaya-Sedmaya and the Vtoraya-Sedmaya rivers close to their confluence with the Usury.
The population of our town is about 15.000 people. The town was named in honor of Russian engineer Orest Polienovitch Vyazemsky, Full State Counselor and an outstanding railway specialist who headed the Ussuriyskaya Railway construction project. Vyazemsky started in 1895 with the second stage in the Ussuriyskaya Railway construction. Next to the station three small settlements appeared, for railway employees, peasants and Cossacs. In 20 century the timber exports gained momentum in the RFE. Timber resource development told favorably on Vyazemsky’s growth. On October 23, 1951 the settlement became town.
The rectangular cut of the streets, gardens and the green suburban planted forests add a particular beauty to the town. We live on the border. The border with China runs along the Usury River. The teens from our school summer camp “Next Generation” visit the frontier from time to time.
In the countries Sheremetyvo and Vidnoye of Vyazemskyi District there are lotuses lakes. Lotus is a unique flower. It brings good luck. Lotuses - contemporaries of dinosaurs. That’s why you can see it at the coat – of – arms of Vyazemskyi District.

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