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Nikolaevsk-on-the Amur

Луцева Алена Сергеевна
МБОУ СОШ 5, 8 класс
Луцева Светлана Владимировна - учитель английского языка

My hometown is Nikolaevsk-on -the Amur. It is situated to the north of the Khaharovsky Kray. I can say that Nikolaevsk was one of the first towns in the Far East. It was founded by Nevelskoy in 1850 and named after Russian tsar Nicolay.
In 1865 it became economical and political center of the Far East, but in 1880 the dministrative center was transferred to Khabarovka, now Khabarovsk, and many people left Nikolaevsk. In 1920 the town was burnt to ashes by Japanese interventionists. Step by step the town was reestablished and in 1926 it was declared the region town. It is a small town and stretches for over 15 km from north to south. It is surrounded by great forests and hills. The town lies on the left bank of the river Amur. It is a sea port. It plays an important part in the life of people.
People living in our town admire beautiful nature, wonderful vegetation, taiga animals and the wide Amur River. It has a local lore museum. There is a rich collection of local fauna and flour, collection of minerals. One department of the museum is devoted to the life of the small ethnic group of the Lower Amur. There are not so many things to do as in Khabarovsk, but visitors can visit memorials, walk in the park, enjoy traveling the Amur, taste caviar, see concerts, winter festivals and sporting events. Also people like playing sport, skating, skiing, fishing, going to the forest to be closer to nature. Chekhov, a famous Russian writer, visited our small town, and it’s a birthplace of General Public Prosecutor of Russia Yuri Chaika. The people are friendly, hospitable, and welcoming. I want Nikolaevsk to be the best town in the Far East. I liked it very much, and welcome everyone to visit it.

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