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Birobidzhan. Jewish festival.

Че Елизавета, 7 «А» класс
МБОУ СОШ № 1 г. Биробиджан ЕАО
Учитель: Рыжикова Евгения Николаевна

I live in Birobidzhan. It is the capital of Jewish Autonomous region. So I want to tell you about Jewish culture in our city. The cultural potential of Birobidzhan was not created a year or two but throughout eighty-year history of autonomy. The traditional International Festival of Jewish Culture and the arts takes place in Birobidzhan every year.
The first Festival of Jewish songs and music took place in 1989 when the authority began to revive Jewish life after a long period of time. Since then the festivals are always a significant event in Jewish life of autonomy, opportunity for everyone to join the Jewish culture. Over the years the festival became not only favourite event for residents and visitors of our city, but a part of its cultural life. And the proof is the scope and high level of festival in autonomy.
Guests from different countries participate in Jewish festival with great pleasure. They are Svetlana Portnyanskaya from the United States, Jan Livenzon and Motti Schmit from Israel, artists from Ukraine, Moldova, China.
City music and dance groups always take part in such an important event for our city too. In 2011 I with my dance group "Mazltov" participated in the festival. It was a grand event. I was happy to perform on the same stage with the special guest of the festival Iosif (Joseph) Kobzon. Many people dreamed to attend his concert. Last time he was in Birobidzhan 40 years ago. This festival has gone down in history as one of the most striking events in the cultural life of our favourite city. I am very proud that I can see our annual festival with my own eyes!

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