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Плотникова Дарья, 10 «Б» класс
МБОУ СОШ № 1 г. Биробиджан ЕАО
Учитель: Ваулина Ольга Михайловна

Birobidzhan is located on the picturesque banks of the mountainous river Bira, which flows into the Amur Mountain. The first settlement appeared here in 1912. And it was built by the emigrants of different countries from all over the world. And it was chosen not in vain but because of wonderful nature. At first it was a whistle-stop Tikhonkaya. In 1931the station Tikhonkaya was renamed in working settlement Birobidzhan. In 1937 it became the city Birobidzhan.
It gradually developed. The Cinema "Birobidzhan" (now the cinema "Rodina") and the park of Culture and Rest, where many families went to rest appeared then. Shoe and sewing factories were opened and light industry began to develop. "Dalselmash” was constructed and produced first agricultural machines.
This year we will celebrate its 80th anniversary. Over the last decade, our city was transformed and blossomed. Talented architects have created original projects of buildings: the city hall, the regional library, museums, philharmonic and many others. Residents and guests of the city are amazed by the building of the regional Philharmonic, built in 1984, which is considered to be one of the best concert halls in the Far East. There was also constructed the building of the synagogue in Lenin Street. Here the majestic cathedral ascends to the sky. In the centre of the city the local Arbat was constructed where visitors and guests can see the monument to the Jewish writer Sholom-Aleikhem .The main street in our city was named in honor of him.
Of course, in recent years, Birobidzhan is actively being built. There are new residential buildings, shopping centers, buildings and monuments. For example the “Square of the Friendship” .We are proud of Birobidzhan-a city that greatly deserves the status of the capital of one of the Russian regions!

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