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The museum of Poletaevskaya secondary school

Улахович Екатерина, ученица 9а класса
Черепина Марина Юрьевна, учитель английского языка
МОУ Полетаевская СОШ Сосновского района Челябинской области

Улахович Екатерина

Катя Улахович вот уже 2 года является председателем школьного музея. За свою авторскую экскурсию «Детство опаленное войной» о судьбе малолетнего узника Необутовой В.М. (учителя нашей школы ) получила сертификат организатора мастер-класса на региональном форуме «Социальные перспективы в деле духовно-нравственного воспитания будущего гражданина России» (в рамках ФГОС)

Let your memory be your travel bag.
A. Solzhenitsyn
My name is Yekaterina Ulahovich. I am a pupil of the ninth form. I am chairman of the museum of Poletaevskaya secondary school. In the spring of 2010 our museum became winner of a regional contest of museums. I will never forget that unusual feeling of pride that overflowed me! In 2015 our museum will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Our museum houses a vast collection of different exhibits which have been collected for many years. All exhibits are demonstrated in three halls. The first hall is devoted to the history of our school. It has several permanent exhibitions. They are “All begins with a school bell”, “Russia is famous for teachers - pupils bring glory to it”, “Medalists”, “Defenders of our native land”. In this hall there are 58 albums, which contain materials about our school traditions, sports competitions, amateur arts festivals, tourism, etc.
The second hall is “The room of a country life”. In this hall you can see collections of utensils, furniture and garments of the XVIII - XIX centuries reflecting the life of Cossack village Poletaevo. The exposition is constantly enriched by gifts of inhabitants of the settlement. The third hall is “Club of international friendship “The Globe” named after G. Dimitrov”. It reflects the work of “The Globe”. You can see materials about G. Dimitrov and Bulgarian antifascists. This hall has a unique collection of documents, devoted to the prisoners of concentration camps of death. The reminiscences of former prisoners, their letters and photos are on display. Nobody remains indifferent to these documents. All these documents were collected by pupils of our school. “The Globe” is the pride of our school, because very few such clubs are left. I invite everybody to visit our museum. You are welcome!

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