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Muji is a small capital

Коробицина Галина Юрьевна
МБОУ – Мужеская СОШ имени Н.В. Архангельского
с. Мужи, Шурышкарский район, ЯНАО
Учитель английского языка первой категории

Muji is the unique place for me. Gloomy autumn morning, grey clouds hang over houses’ rooves. But in an hour the sun peeped out the forest began to shine by the rave of colours the river began to silvery under light breeze. The weather is changeable in my village. It is situated on the bank of the Ob. Because of the successful position where the most important commercial ways, post and country tracts crossed, Muji became the rich commercial village. However, what did change since that time?
All these years Muji grew prettier, new houses and roads, school and kindergartens were built, life became comfortable and better. But the people were always the main treasure. Only here on the Far North you can meet kind – hearted charitable people. More than once I heard stories about bright racy holidays and festivals. It’s a pity that now we can rarely see inhabitants in the national Komi and Hanty costumes but Muji also remain picturesque northern village which has enormous future.
I love my village. I miss it very much on leaving and returning I say: “At last I am at home!”

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