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Vladivostok: Preparation for the APEC - 2012 Summit

Vlada Ivanenko - 11 form
Dina A. Maksimova - teacher
Shkotovo, Secondary School

Every person has the place, which is of great importance for him or her. The city of Vladivostok is such a place for me. I was born in this wonderful city. I am presently living in other place, but I visit Vladivostok whenever I have an opportunity. Vladivostok is a truly unique city. The picturesque nature and spectacular buildings and houses of modern architects create the unique atmosphere of lively energy.
In 2012 this city expects a large-scale event which is of great importance for Russia. Vladivostok becomes the place where APEC summit is to be held. The program of construction work in preparation for the APEC-2012 Summit is of a large scale. Among the most important points one should mention:
Construction of a bridge to the Russkiy Island
Construction of a bridge across the Golden Horn Bay
Construction of streets and roads network of the Russkiy Island
Construction of rail road "Vladivostok - Airport - Ussuriisk"
Modernization of Vladivostok Airport
Construction of 3-STARS class hotels
Construction of the Medical center
Construction of a conference-center
Concert and sports complex
For me as a would-be student the most important point associated with APEC-2012 Summit is the foundation of the Far Eastern Federal University which is to be located on the Russkiy Island. I hope that all the improvements made will contribute a lot into the development of higher education on the Russian Far East. It is a good idea to built a campus on the Russkiy Island, because it will certainly make the life of students more interesting and diverse. It will also broaden the boards of the city and make it more attractive for tourists and comfortable for city dwellers.
I am sure that Vladivostok has good prospects for the future. Energetic and vigorous atmosphere reigns the city. It induces each and every citizen to active actions in achieving their goals. It is impossible not to love this city as its unusual nature, interesting architecture and strong people make it truly special.

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