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My Favorite place in Shkotovo

Arsenyuk Natalya; form 9 ”A”
Primorsky Kray, Shkotovo, Secondary School №1

Every person has his or her favorite place, a place one admires and has good memories of. For me it’s the “Hill of Love” in my native village Shkotovo which is situated at the very edge of the Russian Far East. It’s my favorite place in Shkotovo and I often go there to admire the view of the sea mountains, and fields. I spent a lot of time there. The view from the top of the hill is spectacular and stunningly beautiful. If you look to the left you can see the river, running along the valley. The river’s name is Shkotovka. The history of the village is connected with this river. At first when Russian people came to settle there they built their houses near the river. But later after the flood they had to build new homes at the very foot of the hill.
You can see a lot of houses from the top of the hill. They are homes for 5451 people. The main part of the settlement lies between and hills. “Sopka Lubvi” is one of them so if you look on the right you can see the village itself. It isn’t small, there are a lot of houses, some buildings and several roads there. The people who live there are very friendly. It’s very nice the spend summer holidays in the village. You can go to the river and to the sea the sea in Primorskiy kray is really beautiful.
If you look strait a head you can see a magnificent view of the Amursky Bay. It is especially beautiful when the sun sets. The water becomes golden and the edges of the hills seem to be on fire. But this fire is kind and warm. I really like my village. It’s nature always makes me feel at home, makes me feel a part of all this beauty.

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