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My home is Shkotovo

Karina Tantsura - 3 form
Dina A. Maksimova - teacher
Shkotovo, Secondary School

I live in a village called Shkotovo. It is very interesting to live here and I have a lot of friends. In summer one can bathe in the river and in the sea. In winter we have a skating rink at the sports ground. We can play football at the same sports ground in summer. There is a basketball play ground near my home and my favourite school. At first I thought that my village is small but it turned out to be just the other way round. When my father and I climbed at the top of the hill I saw that our Shkotovo is very big! More than 5000 people live there. There are a lot of houses and shops in our village. But, unfortunately, very few enterprises. There is a bakery in our village. My grandfather is the head of it. There used to be some more enterprises in my village. Now they do not work. But I hope the situation will improve in the nearest future. But in any case there are a lot of interesting places in my village, a lot of my friends and other good people.

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