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Steklyanukha – a Place with a Legend

Masha Ryabchenko - 11 form
Dina A. Maksimova - teacher
Shkotovo, Secondary School

I live in the village called Steklyanukha. In my opinion t is one of the most beautiful places in Primorsky region. Our place is interesting because of its beautiful nature and ancient history.
The nature here is truly unique. The wood (“taiga” as we call it here) is unforgettable because of the variety of species of plants and animals. Mountain rivers are cold and clear, and their banks are very beautiful especially during the autumn. A lot of tourists came here to enjoy the picturesque landscapes, rest and relax. The air in our place is fresh and the atmosphere is calm and relaxed.
The history of Steklyanukha is very interesting. There is a rampart near the village. It dates back to the times of Bohe Nation. These people called “bohe” used to live there. It was a powerful empire officially established in 713. It has played an important part in the historical development of the Russian Far East as it was a cultural and educational center. Actually it was the first country established in this region and it is really interesting to live touching the remains of the history. There is a legend that a golden stature of a stallion is buried in the rampart. I think the legend is really beautiful, and though no one has actually seen a stallion of solid gold here, we have some horses here and they are really cute.
I like living here because it is my homeland. And I advise everyone to visit our place as it is a good example of beautiful nature left untouched by the people who really like their home and appreciate having it.

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