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Treasures of the Russian North: Malye Korely

Мартехина Анна Анатольевна
МБОУ г. Архангельск СОШ№24
Учитель английского языка

I would like to tell you about a surprising land of the Northern beauty, a mysterious and enigmatic nook of the Russian North - Malye Korely. Unforgettable atmosphere, picturesque landscapes with unique monuments of wooden architecture, cordiality and hospitality of northern people - all this will charm and fascinate you. The museum is located on the hills near the village of Malye Korely, 25 km from Archangelsk. . It was opened in 1973. Basically the village is an open air museum of wooden architecture and folk art. Its total area is 140 hectares. More than a hundred exhibits have been collected in the museum. They were brought from different areas of Archangelsk region. There are 4 sectors: Kargopolsko-Onezhsky, Mezensky and Pinezhsky, Dvinsky. Between sectors of the museum there is a passage of 150 steps upwards and 150 steps downwards. The museum gives a very good concept of old Northern village. You can see a ton of old Houses, Chapels, Windmills, Churches, Cathedrals and other masterpieces of wooden architecture. The most interesting period for visiting Malie Korely is the time of folk celebrations when centuries-old songs are sung, when the Museum is full of bright colours of ancient folk costumes, then the bells are ringing in traditional northern style. Guests can take part in games and entertainments, have a speedy ride in sledges drawn by trotters, taste ‘shangi’ and ‘blini’ with a cup of hot tea from real Russian Samovars. All these happen among the unique monuments of people’s architecture and beautiful northern nature.

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