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My small native land - Cherny Yar.

Мольба Екатерина Георгиевна,
Учитель английского языка
МОУ СОШ № 61 г. Астрахани

Every person in the world has his own native corner and I’m not an exception. My motherland is a small district center in the north of the Astrakhan region – Cherny Yar. It is situated on one of the most beautiful river – the Volga. The nature here is wonderful. It was founded in 1627 to protect the Volghskii trade way as a fortress called “Cherny Ostrog”. As it stands on a high bank of the Volga it got its present name. It has got an interesting history. In the XVII century the army of Stepan Razin met with the army of the Astrakhan Cossacks and later on the army of Emelian Pugachev fought not far from Cherny Yar. In 1870 the larger part of the village burnt and after that many cottages, shops, bakery’s were built from bricks. The population was growing and soon Cherny Yar got the status of the town, but in 1925 it became a village. Our village is a birthplace of a saint Bogolep chernoyarskii. From archeological viewpoint Cherny Yar is also very interesting. In 1996 a settler of our village found the bones of mammoth. This find became a real prove of the fact that mammoths lived there. After that different expeditions were organized. The results of which became the finds of the prehistoric animals. Nowadays Cherny Yar is a district center with a hospital, school, church, police department, many shops and other structures. We have our own museum with three halls devoted to the history and developing of the village, nature of the region and the feat of the Chernoyartsev in the Great Patriotic War. We’ve got a beautiful monument on the bank of the Volga. I’m very that I was born here. I love my small native land very much.

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