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My pride is Astrakhan

Бондарева Елена, ученица 9 а
класса МБОУ № 27 г. Астрахани,
Кувшинова Елена Владимировна,
учитель английского языка.

Many people in our country know Astrakhan as “The Caspian Capital of Russia” and this fact is true. Astrakhan is an old town. It was founded in 1558. It stands on the most beautiful river – the Volga, where in the Delta of it a wonderful lotus grows. There are so many sights in the town: Astrakhan Kremlin, the Picture Gallery of P. Dogadin, Lenin’s Square, the Museum of Military Glory, the Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the Bankment of the Volga with its musical fountain and many others. From year to year Astrakhan becomes more picturesque with its beautiful parks, bridges, new buildings. I want to boast that many famous people lived and created there: an opera singer M. Maxakova, an artist B. Kustodiev, a writer P.Chernishevskii, a poet V.Hlebnikov and others. Astrakhan is a motherland of such famous actors as A. Zavorotnyuk, B. Nevzorov, D. Duzhev, V. Vitorgan and others. My town develops every day and I’m very proud of it. Different political, economic, political and sport events take place in Astrakhan. To my mind, people living there are very happy persons. I hope Astrakhan will stay as beautiful as it is now. I love my town and I say once again I’m very proud of it!

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