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Trubchevsk. The holiday “On the Land of Boyan”

Колбасова Регина 8а класс
МБОУ Трубчевская СОШ № 1
учитель: Макарцова Т. Г.

On the map of our Motherland there are a lot of cities and towns but Trubchevsk is known to be one of the ancient towns in our country. It is 1037 years old. Trubchevsk is situated on the high bank of the majestic Desna river.
Trubchevsk is a keeper of our cultural-spiritual traditions. Last Sunday in May you are welcome to annual holiday “ On the Land of Boyan”. Legendary Boyan is displayed in “ The song of Igor’s Campaign”. This holiday is always held in the Days of Slavic Writing and Culture. The image of Boyan, the great storyteller of Ancient Russia, is a vivid embodiment of the spiritual and moral traditions of the Slavic civilization and a symbol of all kinds of original folk art: a folk song, a poetic word, folk dancing, arts and crafts, painting. Boyan embodies the national idea which unites Slavs. According to the legend, Boyan was born here, sang songs about friendship and brotherhood of the neighbour tribes. You can see the monument to Boyan in our park.
Every year Trubchevsk meets our friends from Ukraine and Belarus and other regions of Russia. It is our general holiday. We are united by the great past, our victories, pleasures and sufferings. For the townspeople of Trubchevsk this is a special and desired day. They prepare for this holiday during the whole year and, as a result, there are a lot of poetic competitions, festivals, exhibitions of applied art, theatre performances, concerts. The divine liturgy with thankful public prayer takes place in Troitsky Cathedral every year. If you saw the exhibition of works of national masters!
Come to Trubchevsk and enjoy the holiday!

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