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The history of Suzdal

Лапин Павел Константинович 5А класс
ГБОУ центр образования «Школа здоровья» № 1317

The history of Suzdal started in 1024. Very soon the town became important both from political and religious points of view.
Today, the town is famous as forms part of the Golden Ring and tourist center with many fine examples of old Russian architecture — most of them churches and monasteries. Walking through the town you may get the feeling that every third building is a church. Although the population of Suzdal is over ten thousand people, it still looks like a small village.
The Cathedral of the Nativity in Suzdal is one of the eight White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal, a World Heritage Site.
Wooden Church of Saint Nicholas. This church was built in Glotovo Russia in 1766 and was recently moved to Suzdal in 1960 to be part of a museum of wooden architecture.
St John the Baptist Church. This church was built in 1720, the same time that Saint Nicholas church was built. The amazing thing about this church is the difference between the types of architecture of the two churches that were built during the same time period. Whereas the Saint Nicholas church is all wooden the St John Church is made out of white plastered walls with wooden supports.
The Saint Alexander Convent. This church was built in 1240 by an unknown architect. The princesses of Suzdal, Mariya and Agrippina, were buried here in 14th century.
Convent of Intercession. The convent was founded in 1264. In the center of this beautiful white walled convent is the cathedral of the Intercession. The interior of the cathedral has no paintings or stained glass, it is just plain white stone walls all around. The church was and still is one of the richest convents in Russia.

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