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POST № 1

Михайлова Татьяна Владимировна, Попова Анна Сергеевна
г. Волгоград, МОУ гимназия № 4, 10 «А» класс
учитель английского языка: Кинаш Елена Петровна

POST № 1 - is the business card of the hero city Volgograd. All delegates and guests respected traditions, they laid flowers at the Square of Fallen Fighters. The Square is in the center of Volgograd. It is associated with all the heroic pages of history. During the Battle of Stalingrad, the Square became the scene of fierce fighting. More than 100 defenders of Stalingrad were buried in the common grave. The eternal flame was lit at the monument in memory of the courage and heroism of Soviet people. The first sentries Komsomols and Pioneers came to the post in October 19, 1965. Initially, the guard kept the watch in a festive and memorable day, and since April 27, 1966 the performance of duty had been exercising daily. It was the first children's post № 1 in the Soviet Union. Appointment in the Guard of honor on the Post № 1 hero city of Volgograd is perceived by schoolboys, as great honor and the big trust. They are proud of it; they compete for such right to keep the watch memories at the Eternal fire. The school accepts relay race at school, area at area. More than 200 thousand children of Volgograd have visited the Guard of honor at the Eternal flame. Young generation of inhabitants of Volgograd, having passed Post school № 1, subsequently with honor fulfills the duty to the Motherland.
Now the Center is a federal experimental center on civil, patriotic and spiritually-moral education of youth. In September, 2001 the meeting of military-patriotic clubs and establishments «The Alignment on the Victory!» in which has taken part more than 300 pupils from Russia. Inhabitants of Volgograd used to see Post № 1 in any weather and they are proud of Traditions and Rituals, a heroic history here remain.

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