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Cherepovets. Places of interest in my town.

Анна Ширяевская, ученица 5 «А» класса
«Женской гуманитарной гимназии»
г. Череповца, Вологодской области.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ann. My surname is Shiryaevskaya. I am 12 years old. I am from Russia. I am a pupil of all girls’ school. We learn many subjects at school but my favourites are History and English. I like to learn poems by heart, read and translate texts and to learn new words. I want to be a doctor. My hobby is sport. I have got a lot of friends.

Cherepovets is a working town. It was founded in 1777. Our town stands on the Sheksna River. There are many places of interest in our town. Many people come to Cherepovets to know the history and the culture of our town. They can see three churches, many monuments, October Bridge and so on. But I would like to tell you about our modern supermarket «June». It is the biggest shop in my town. There are three floors fool of different goods in it. Becides, there is a big cinema in «June» too. We can see interesting films in it. It is not so far from our house. We often visit this shop to do shopping. There are many departments in the shop: clothes for men and women, clocks, bags, shoes, radio goods, presents, flowers, goods for children and places for games. I like it very much, because my mother may buy food and things in the same place.

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