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The monument to Bim is a talisman of Voronezh

Пожидаева Дарья Викторовна
МБОУ СОШ №81г Воронежа
Учащаяся 6а класса.
Учитель английского языка.
Яблокова Елена Николаевна

In the world there are a lot of modest monuments that stop the passers-by and make them feel the excitement, tenderness and anxiety. I’d like to tell you about one of them which is loved by our citizens and me very much.
In the very centre of Voronezh in the square just in front of the Puppet Theatre a dog has settled. He is sitting on the roadway and watching the people very trustingly because he is their friend; he trusts them and is waiting for his master to come. That is the monument to Bim from the book White Bim Black Ear, written by Gavriil Troyepolsky.
The famous Voronezh architects E.Pak and I. Dikunov put the monument just on the roadway, without a pedestal, for children to pet and hug the dog, tug him for his bronze ear. You can read on his collar,” His name is Bim. He is waiting for his master. People, don’t offend him.” The monument was opened in 1998. Since that time the square in front of the Puppet Theatre with Bimka as children tenderly call it has become the favorite place among the citizens. There are always many cheerful and noisy kids near the monument. They hug the dog, take pictures, and leave food for Bimka as if he is alive.
All year round guests of our city come to Bim. All schoolchildren and students in Voronezh know that if you want to pass the exam successfully you should scuff Bim’s nose before it. Unfortunately, Gavriil Troyepolsky didn’t see the monument to his Bim because he had died before its opening.

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