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The caves of Heetei

Истомина Надежда Ивановна
Учитель Сараева Светлана Юрьевна.
МБОУ Нижнецасучейская СОШ, 8а класс

I live in Nizhny Tsasuchey. This remarkable place is situated in steppe, but there are some sights around us. The caves of Heetei, rocks Adun – Chelon and Torey lakes are in the list of wonders of Zabaikalye. I want to tell you a legend about their origin.
There lived a Khan on the Onon land. And he had a son Dai Hon Taizhi. The Khan early became a widower and he married again young beauty Naitona. His son chose a beautiful and very clever wife Balzhin Hatun. Naitona disliked her daughter-in-law, envied her beauty and mind. She slandered the Khan that Balzhin was a witch and she wasn’t a pair for his son. The Khan paid no attention to all her words. But she didn't stop and tried to convince him. She said that his son wanted to seize his riches and power, and Balzhin helped it by sorcery.
The Khan became angry and sent his army to kill Hon Taizhi and Balzhin. But Balzhin knew about it and they decided to run. When the Khan’s army was already close, Balzhin throwed her comb, and it became a dense pine forest. Warriors overcame this obstacle and continued a pursuit. Then Balzhin cut off her breasts and throwed them to the feet of Khan’s army. Breasts turned into the huge dairy lakes Zun – Torey and Barun – Torey. But the soldiers could cross two huge lakes. Then Balzhin took a saddle from her horse and throwed it aside – it became a huge rock. The Balzhin’s herd was also turned into stones. So there raised rocks of Adun-Chelon – herd of stone horses. But it was difficult to stop the army. They caught up enamoured, killed them, cut out their hearts and throwed them far into steppe. And on that place two caves – Heetei were formed.
People of the Onon land worship to these sacred places from century to century.

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