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Vyatskie Polyany: famous people

Устюгова Анастасия
ученица 10 класса
Кировское областное государственное общеобразовательное
автономное учреждение «Многопрофильный лицей г. Вятские Поляны»
учитель английского языка
Учитель: Умрилова Ольга Леонидовна

I’d like to tell you about some famous people who lived and worked in the town of Vyatskie Polyany. One of them is Fyodor Ivanovich Treschev, the former director of our machine-building plant, the laureate of State Prize of the USSR, the Hero of Socialist Labor and the member of the Supreme Council. For many years he was at the head of the plant and thanks to him the plant was one of the leading ones in Kirov region. Due to him the town became bigger and more beautiful. The Place of Culture, the stadium, Labour Square and many buildings and houses were built in my town. As a mark of respect, love and gratitude a monument to this man was erected in July 21, 2011. It is located near the machine-building plant in Labour Square.
Georgy Semenovich Shpagin came to Vyatskie Polyany at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War together with the evacuated plant from Moscow region. Thanks to him the plant began to produce submachine-guns and send them to the front. He gave all his strength and knowledge to this important task. For his services to our country he was awarded by the order of Lenin in the Kremlin. In 1982 a monument to Shpagin was erected in Komsomol Square. The house where he lived is a museum now.
Mikhail Zorin is another respected man in our town. During the Great Patriotic War he headed the hospital for wounded soldiers that was situated in Vyatskie Plolyany. Many soldiers returned to life and continued to fight in the battle fields defending our Motherland thanks to the surgeon Zorin. He was seriously ill but didn’t stop working. As a mark of respect the residents of my town established at the town cemetery the monument to Mikhail Zorin, topped with medical emblem.

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