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Тhe Museum of Forests

Виктор Павлов Краевое ГБОУ
начального профессионального образования
«ПУ» №14 г.Лесосибирск, Красноярский край., 1 курс.
Преподаватель английского языка Протасова Наталья Владимировна

There is a beautiful and wonderful museum in our town Lesosibisk.The Public Museum, since 1989, a branch of the Yenisei Museum, since 1992, the Museum of Forests, 2001 Forest Museum is engaged in research the history of the development of the middle reaches of the Yenisei River. Crafts, handicrafts, wooden architecture. Studying the customs and traditions of Aboriginal people, the Russian population. conducting archaeological excavations, studying history and anthropology of human settlements, life and employment of people. Explores, creates, and publishes the history of the North sea way in connection with the formation and development of wood –working industries, particularly stands out and demand a wooden sculpture, art and crafts masters in wood, bark and wood in the breaking of the plastic to the environment. All directions are harmonically related - nature-man-environment that creates a new ecological thinking in the outlook of the visitors using unconventional methods. Performed ethnography, natural expedition. Cooperates with museums, archives, enterprises, institutions, culture, education, scientific edge library editions of newspapers. Since 1996, the first time in the city are carried out archaeological investigations of ancient settlements. Museum staff are actively involved in the tourist season, helping tourists understand the fascinating history of the Siberian city and the region.

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