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Riverside of Northern Dvina

Клим Диана Олеговна
МБОУ ОГ № 21

Riverside of Northern Dvina is one of the most picturesque places of the Arkhangelsk region. Besides, Arkhangelsk – the center of the region is situated in the mouth of this river.
Masterpieces can be observed on the banks of the river. Riverside is not only the place for walking and taking sunbaths, but also an ideal place for going in for sports. Hundreds of people enjoy skiing during winter time. Fishermen adore this place for fishing and breathing fresh air. Look at this wonderful bridge! The bridge that connects the left and the right bank is called “the old one” among the citizens of Arkhangelsk. The reason is that it is more than 50 year old. This wonder is considered to be the most northern draw bridge. It is raised at night to let ships come into the port. It’s beauty and elegance strikes one’s imagination. A path for pedestrians leads to the left bank of the same Arkhangelsk, just the different world. You can enjoy an unforgettable panorama of the city from the bridge. What a view. The sky tenderly turned into the river. A white misty takes us to eternity, sometimes we can hear seagull’s voices. This breathes in life. The riverside is beautifully decorated with numerous flowers, bushes and trees. In winter they stand among endless snow. People with dogs can be met here on a frosty morning, leaving tracks in deep snow. The bright sun heats and adds the whole atmosphere with warmth. The bridge keeps two mysteries: a life of a busy city on the right bank and pure nature on the left bank. A lovely park is situated very close to water.
We are proud of our great riverside and it has become a part and a parcel of every citizen of Arkhangelsk. Come and see!

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