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The old brewery

Неучева Валерия Сергеевна
МБОУ муниципального образования "Город Архангельск"
"Общеобразовательная гимназия № 6
Ученица 11 «Б» класса

I'd like to tell you about an old brewery which stands on the Arkhangelsk embankment.This magestic and gloomy building belonged to a prosperous merchant Albert Surkov. A modernist style brewery was build in 1899 in the centre of the German merchant yard and the date of erecting was printed on the weather-vane. Surkov’s brewery was one of the most up-to-date buildings of its kind at the end of the XIX century. It produced about 145 buckets of beer per year.The unique and unusual moss-beer was also made there together with the traditional German beer.78 people worked at this brewery and its drinks could be bought at 60 beer shops in Arkhangelsk. Unfortunately,there was one unpleasant incident that darkened a brilliant reputation of the enterprise at the very first years of its work. In a cold winter of 1877-1878 proceeds of sales reduced very much because the rumours about the poisonous Surkov’s beer were spreading in Arkhangelsk,but all these rumours were confirmed when several beer barrels were opened. On the 19 of March,1878,Leiser Lepin told Surkov that he could explain the reason of a bad smell of beer in exchange for 200 roubles.Surkov drove Lepin away and called the police.There the blackmailer confessed that it was worth to check sacks with hop. Indeed,an expert commission revealed the fact of addition of some gum into sacks.But who did this awful act?An ex-worker of a brewery August Schutce who was a professional beer-maker from Prussia was huffy with Surkov because he refused Prussian's request for the increase of a salary and because owing to his beer the profit was large. Evidently,it was better for Surkov to pay Schutce more than to burn 40 poods of a very expensive hop. Nowadays this superb brewery is half ruined so it badly needs restoration.

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