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A legend about the origin of my village

Шилыковская Виктория Сергеевна, ученица 11 класса
МОУ "Усть - Алексеевская СОШ" Великоустюгского района
Вологодской области.
Учитель - Прахова Ольга Рафаиловна.

I would like to tell you a legend about the origin of my village and its name. Еvery man of the world loves and values his native land and the region, where he lives ,where he was born and grew up and where his ancestors lived. One of such places is the village called Ust-Alekseyevo. It is located in Velikiy Ustug District and belongs to Vologda Region. I want to tell you quite a long legend about its origin.
Long – long ago, maybe at the beginning of the 11century two brothers Ivan and Olesha came to this place from the centre of Russia and started building their houses on the opposite banks of the Karpovka river. In spring the river gave great floods, so the brothers were not able to get to each other for a long time. Time flew fast; their houses were ready for living. There was a lot of fish in this river. Ivan and Olesha went fishing. There were deep woods round that small village. So, the brothers had to cut down lots of trees to get some land for planting crops. In spring they ploughed the land, in autumn they gathered a good harvest. Ivan and Olesha got married with a lot of children. In some time other people came to this village. They built their own houses. The village grew. Once all the inhabitants had to decide how to call their new born village. After a long quarrel they decided to get two names Ust – Ivanovo and Ust – Alekseyevo, as actually there were two villages, separated with the river. That is how the life started in my native village.
Some facts from the History. Ust- Alekseyevo appeared in 11- 13 centuries. It was founded by Slavs, who had fled from the Tatar invasion. There were two villages. Their names were Ust- Alekseyevo and Ust- Ivanovo. The first part of the names " Ust " meant the mouth of the river Karpovka. In 1902 Ust- Alekseyevo became a council district. There was only one nameless street with a shop, a post - office, and an elementary school. Now it is a picturesque settlement with lots of shops, a school, a hospital, a library, a kindergarten, a post – office and lots of other modern things! We are aware of the thing happening in the world, as we like books, good magazines, the Internet and we are very active! I do not know any funny stories about my village, but I could say, that all people here live in a very friendly way because: firstly Ust- Alekseyevo is small, and everyone knows anyone else; secondly, our interests are very different: we are into sports, Russian folk crafts, Russian traditions. In general, my village is my small native land. Welcome to Ust- Alekseyevo!

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