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The village of Malynniki

Зубова Светлана Александровна,
ученица 10 класса МОУ "Усть - Алексеевская СОШ"
Великоустюгского района Вологодской области.
Учитель - Прахова Ольга Рафаиловна.

I am Svetlana Zubova, a student of the 10th form. I love the place I live in very much and I am very much interested in its history. So I often ask my Granny to tell me legends from the past. Here is one of them.

Nowadays many villages are disappearing, because their inhabitants leave for big cities. We see a lot of neglected villages in Russia. One of such places is the village of Malynniki.
This village was founded many years ago, in the middle ages they say. Some people went to these places and they liked it there! So they built a village and called it Malynniki, because this place had a lot of raspberry-bushes round it. Gradually it became a big village with lots of inhabitants. People used to be very friendly; they never locked the houses and were ready to help everyone! This place had a lot of traditions. For example, every family had a weaver’s machine. Women weaved beautiful carpets; and if you had come into any house you would have seen a lot of handmade carpets on the floor in every house. Men made swings and giants (very big swings). Children liked to swing and were really happy. They could rock all day long!
People liked holidays. Especially they liked Easter and Shrovetide. The village people used to keep a lot of hens. So at Easter every family dyed eggs and children came to every house and entertained the hosts. Children had a kind of competition between each other: they had to break the eggs of their opponents.
In Shrovetide time people made a lot of pancakes. Children took a lot of pancakes and went to the neighbors. They congratulated the owners, gave some pancakes to them and wished them kindness, love and happiness. Then all people went to the centre of the village, where they had a very big birch. They made a scare-crow of Shrovetide, put it to a sledge and drove it through the entire village. Then they had dancing round the birch. Finally they burned the scare-crow. What a lot of fun they had!
Nowadays the village is having sad times… All you can see is neglected houses and raspberry-bushes, which are still alive and fill up all area near the houses.

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