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Sukhinichi (Kaluga Region) During the Great Patriotic War

Колесникова Ксения Сергеевна
МОУ «СОШ №18», г.о. Электросталь,
Московская область

Я работаю учителем английского языка в г.о. Электростали, но часто навещаю своих родственников, живущих в городе Сухиничи. Я хотела бы рассказать Вам о великом подвиге жителей города в годы ВОВ.

On the 22nd of June, 1941 the residents of Sukhinichi listened to the announcement of the war with anxiety. In few hours the peaceful life was over. 12365 residents of the district were called to the colours. In October the German troops occupied Sukhinichi. The Nazi headquarters attached importance to Sukhinichi as it was an important rail centre and defended firmly the occupied town. On the 29th of January, 1942 the town was liberated by the soldiers of the 10th and 16th armies under the command of Lieutenant General F. I. Golikov and Lieutenant General K. K. Rokossovskiy. In July, 1943 the enemy was dislodged from the territory of the district near the river Zhizdra (the village Gretnya). The battles for Sukhinichi and the district glorified the generalship of Marshal K. K. Rokossovskiy. The war brought a lot of sorrow. In 19 common graves more than 10656 soldiers lie. The district also has its own Khatyn. It is the village Bortnoe, where fascists burnt the residents alive. Among the residents of Sukhinichi there are 7 Heroes of the Soviet Union and 3 holders of the Order of Glory. E. I. Osipenko, decorated with the medal “To the Partisan of the Great Patriotic War”, is one of the honorary citizens of Sukhinichi. The streets of the town and different places are named after the heroes of the war. In Victory Square the War Memorial was built. Every year in different places in the district the excavations and reburial of the remains of dead soldiers are conducted. Reconnaissance groups continue working. Every citizen of Sukhinichi is proud of the feat of arms of his or her ancestors.

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