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My native village

Ибрагимова Лиана Рустемовна
Республика Башкортостан, Уфимский район,
МОБУ СОШ д.Николаевка
Интерактивная карта России

My name is Liana.I`m fifteen years old.I live in Nikolaevka village all my life.It was founded in 1877 our village is twenty kilometers from the capital of Bashkortostan-Ufa.

Ufa is very beautiful city with many of tourist attractions and monuments.One of the most famous monument is the monument of Salavat Yulaev. Salavat Yulaev is a national hero of Bashkortostan.This monument is on the river-side of Agidel and it greets visitors of the capital. There are about three thousands of people in our village.People in Nikolaevka are very friendly and kind.Nikolaevka is an administrative centre and it includes seven small villages.
Streets of our village have very interesting names,such as: Torgovaya,Yumatovskaya,Sovetskaya,the street of Ivan Gorlach. All of the streets have their own history. For example, street of Ivan Gorlach was named in honor of the respected person-Ivan Dmitrievich Gorlach,who organized the big farm company and was the head of it for a long time.
Sovetskaya street is the central street of Nikolaevka.Let`s start our excursion along this street from our school.Our school is named after a Hero of the Soviet Union-Alexander Fadeevich Mikhailov.Next to the school is the Central library which is offers us a wide range of interesting books.Cultural centre of our village is in Lenin`s square.Both children and adults take part in different concerts organized there.Further we can see a wide alley with high trees on both sides. In summer we I and my friends can swim in a small river Sikiyazka near the village.In winter we go to the skating-rink.The skating is very crowded in this time.
There is also a stadium in Nikolaevka.Our softball team «Bashkiriya» is the winner of many competitions in Russia and abroad. I love my village very much.Wherever I`ll live,whoever I`ll be I will always remember my native land and be proud of it.

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