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Sursk, Penza State Circus

Петинова Алина Игоревна
МБОУ СОШ г. Сурска

Penza - City (1719) in Russia, administrative center of Penza region (1939). It was founded in 1663 as a fortress. It was a fortress on the southeastern outskirts of Moscow State, built by order of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The city has many exciting attractions. One of them is the Penza circus, which was built by brothers Nikitins in 1873 and is the first circus in Russia. Penza is the ancestor of Circus in Russia, there were formed the basis, brought the first Russian circus performers. Originally built Nikitin brothers circus in Penza on the river Sura, views were on the ice. It looked like this: on the ice around the sheaves were spread out, and the ice was frozen poles, covered with a tarpaulin. This simple way Nikitin built their circus. One of the main features of the circus was that there were only Russian circus. Since then, the circus - a brand of Penza, the birthplace of the first Russian tent.
It is true that such circus needs updating, so the "Rosgostsirk" announced a competition to design the reconstruction, the organization won its designers LLC "Neftestroyproekt" (Samara).
Nowadays, different national circus groups, schools, clubs work in Penza, and their pupils regularly replenish the Penza State Circus. I can say that the circus Penza - this is not just a building, where the performance (rolling platform), it is also own troupe and the base for the preparation of new programs. Penzas artists are known in many cities in Russia and abroad, they often won prizes at various international competitions of circus arts. Penza circus for over 130 years, residents are pleased of new, exciting and fun rooms. There is much to be proud!

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