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Ученица 8 А класса МБОУ «Гимназия № 5» г. Рязани
Ковалёва Елизавета Игоревна
Учитель: Ворончихина Татьяна Андреевна

Everybody has such a place where he likes to be alone or to spend time with his parents. It may be your birthplace or a place where you live at present. My favourite place is my village Konobeevo. I often visited my village in my childhood. It was the best time for me and I will never forget about the days I spent in Konobeevo.
My granny lives here and I love to visit her. Also I have a dog and a rabbit in my village. The landscape is very picturesque in Konobeevo: green hills, provocative streams, colourful meadows and the main attraction, a beautiful river. The river in Konobeevo is a small miracle which gives me a lot of feelings. It is like a person. Sometimes it is calm but sometimes it is restless. My favourite activity is sitting on the bank of the river and listening to the songs of this small miracle or reading different classical books. A wonderful birch grows near my house. This tree is very old. I like to sit under this tree and to dream. And we have an old tradition to have a barbecue party when we arrive.
My village has a particular value for me because it reminds me of the most precious events.

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