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Ryazan is an old Russian city

Работу подготовила ученица 7 Б класса МБОУ
«Гимназия №5» г. Рязани Конькова Анастасия Витальевна
Учитель: Ворончихина Татьяна Андреевна

Ryazan is an old Russian city. Its history goes back to 1095 when it was first mentioned in the annals. That means that this city is even older than the capital of our country. The original name of the city was Pereyaslavl Ryazansky and the present name was given to it in 1778.Ryazan played a very important role in the period of establishment of Russia as a state. It was one of the three most powerful principalities which competed for the right to become the capital. In 1237 Old Ryazan was the first city to face the Mongol invasion. After it was destroyed by mongols the capital of Ryazan principality moved to Pereyaslavl Ryazansky.
Nowadays Ryazan is the main historical, cultural, political and industrial centre of Ryazan region. Though it isn't as huge as Moscow it can be called a multicultural and multinational city. A lot of different nations live here side by side and make culture of our city more diverse. There are a lot of museums, theaters, cinemas and other places of interest in Ryazan. One of the most beautiful buildings in our city is The Drama Theatre. My family and I often go there and enjoy interesting performances. There is also a circus in the city. Moscow actors and singers often have their shows there. But the pride of our city is undoubtedly the Kremlin. A lot of tourists from all corners of Russia and other countries come to see this architectural masterpiece.
Ryazan gave birth to hundreds of famous people. For example, the eminent scientist I. Pavlov was born here. He put forward a concept of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes and made a lot of other discoveries in medicine. Today many tourists visit his house and museum in the center of Ryazan, where they can see the way the scientist lived and the experiments he made.
Recently we have started to celebrate a very important holiday which is called the Day of Love and Loyalty. It's on the 8th of June. This day is particularly important to people who live in Ryazan because the symbols of the holiday are Murom's saint prince and princess Peter and Fevronia. Fevronia came from a village near Ryazan.
Today Ryazan is growing rapidly. It is becoming a highly-developed modern city with lots of trade centres and industrial companies. But still it remains a quiet and green place compared to such a megapolis as Moscow. Many people come here from the capital for weekends to enjoy serenity of our city and rest from a fussy Moscow life.

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