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Barnaul, interesting places

Распопова Анна
МБОУ «Лицей №130 «РАЭПШ»
Ученица 11 класса, Барнаул, Алтайский край
Преподаватель: Джурабаева Л.С.

Modern life is impossible without travelling. For some people there is nothing so exciting as traveling, and I hope, you are not an exception. I think you have already visited most of international famous sights, so I want to offer you to spend a weekend in Barnaul. Probably, you have never heard that Barnaul is one of the greatest towns in Siberia. There are many reasons for it: proximity of Altay mountains makes it a great recreating place, central position in Siberia makes it one of the major local business centers. Also, people call this town «Small Saint Petersburg», because there are many different historic places and sights.
The official center of Barnaul is Sovetov square. You can find there the main building of Altay Administration, the post office and the most popular hotel «Centralnaya ». The Lenina Prospekt — the main street of the city and a boulevard , where people like to have a walk in the evening. I would like to advice you to visit a "Shpil" — a strange building and symbol of town from Sovet times with a conus-like roof, which has constructed in 1956 in style of neoclassicism. Also, you should walk on the bridge across the Ob, because it is beautiful and spectacular place of Barnaul. You can see there many couples in love, who go there to enjoy beauty of water and those who want to run away from hectic life.
Barnaul has many different sights and I think you will visit this interesting place soon and get positive impressions.

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