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Девятова Марина Сергеевна
Руководитель: Юсупова Альбина Ивановна
Ученица 7 «Г» класса МАОУ «СОШ №33»

Bashkortostan`s nature is fabulously rich and beautiful. Its wide feather-grass steppes, forest-covered steep cliffs, deep rivers and lakes, the bowels of the earth containing oil and gas, gold and silver and many other treasures have always attracted scientists, travellers and entrepreneurs. When you travel from Ufa southward along the Orenburg highway you can climb a knoll from where you will see unique natural scenery. Ahead of you are the four Limestone Mountains – Yurak-Tau, Kush-Tau, Shakh-Tau and Tra-Tau. They stay along the beautiful Aghidel river. Straight down highway you can see Sterlitamak, ranking second in the Republic of Bashkortostan in terms of the number of inhabitants and industrial potential.
The town has a long history. It was founded as a salt wharf located close to the mouth of the Sterlya river. Gradually it turned into a merchant town. The 20th century introduced innovations into Sterlitamak's manufacturing business. During the years of World War II Sterlitamak grew greatly in population and production capability due to a massive evacuation of major manufacturing companies. Sterlitamak has turned into a major center of chemical industry. The nation's and the world's five biggest chemical plants are concentrated in Sterlitamak.
The citizens of Sterlitamak are fond of sport. Irek Zaripov was born here. He is a Russian biathlete and cross-country skier. This great sportsman competed at the 2010 Winter Paralympics where he won five medals. From 2006 Sterlitamak has the title “The Golden Town of Russia”.

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