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The man to whom I am proud

Ванюшина Аида,
ученица 6 класса,
МБОУ «Школа № 89»
город Казань, РТ.

Gabdulla Tukai was born April 26, 1886 in the family in the village mullah Muhammedgarifa Kushlauch Kazan village. Gabdullah-great Tatar poet publitsist.When he was four and a half months, he lost his father and at the age of four years became an orphan. In the 1892-1895 years his life is in a peasant family in the village Sagdi Kyrlai, near Kushlauch. Here Gabdulla began to take up the work of peasant’s life, felt joy and sorrow, and began to learn, as he later confessed in his memoirs that Kyrlai opened his eyes to life. Indeed, the impression left in this period in the memory and work of the poet's indelible mark of love for his native land and its simple hearted people.
In 1908 Tukai was raises a series of wonderful poetry and nonfiction works, sketch, which exhaustively clearly expressed attitude to the people. The last years of his life and work Tukai suggest that the writer is getting closer grasping the reality of folk, feel sharp discord with hostile people, society and ruthlessly condemned everything that could go a shadow on his civic conscience ("My first thing after waking up," "On the occasion of the anniversary," etc.).
I’m very proud of that this gteatest poet is a part of my languege, peopla and my life.Every Tatar man learn his most famous poem and this is the extract from it.

Oh, beloved native language,
Oh, enchanting mother tongue!
You enabled my search for knowledge
Of the world, since I was young.

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