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Наталия Кондратьева
Ученица 11Б класса МБОУ «Янтиковская СОШ»
Чувашская республика, Янтиковский район, село Янтиково

My name is Natasha Kondratyeva.I am a pupil of the Yantikovskaya secondary school of Chuvashia. I am fond of my native land. My native village is Yantikovo (ph1). It is a very beautiful village. The two rivers the All and Solomenka meet here and the Solomenka flows into the All (ph2). There is a legend about these two rivers. I’d like to write about it.
In the past the Chuvash people were pagans. And they believed in many Gods. Many years ago the All and Solomenka ran parallel to each other and they were two separate rivers. In the village there lived a young man and a girl who loved each other very much. The girl came from a rich family. Her name was Elpike. The young man was an orphan. His name was Elkul. Elpike’s father didn’t want his daughter to marry the poor orphan. There were not so many fish in the rivers because there was a draught that year. People were hungry. Elpike’s father had a plan. He decided to marry the young man to the river Solomenka. Pagan Chuvashes believed that if a young man married the river, it would give much fish. But if Elkul married the river he could never marry a girl. Elpike’s father decided to separate the young people in that way. The next day when the villagers woke up, they were so surprised to see the river Solomenka join the river All. Even the God of the Water decided to help the young people to be together. And the God married the Solomenka to the river All during the night. They say that Elpike and Elkul lived happily and had many children.
We haven’t got many sights in my village but we have many beautiful places. One of the most remarkable sights is my school (ph3). It is a new three storied building with two sports halls, a big dinning room, a comfortable concert hall. I am proud of my village and my school.

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