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Tikhvin is my native town.

Денисова Екатерина, ученица 10-Б класса
МОУ «Лицей№8» г. Тихвин, Ленинградская область
Учитель: Печникова Ирина Николаевна

Tikhvin is my native town. It`s a small provincial town in the south-east of Leningrad Region. Tikhvin is divided into two parts by the river Tikhvinka: the old town and the new one which was built after the Second World War. The first settlements were formed in 1383 on the bank of the Tikhvinka where the first appearing of the Tikhvin Mother of God took place according to the legend. Later in 1560 the Monastery of Dormition was founded. In 1773 Tikhvin got the right to become a town. Tikhvin was the town of merchants and skillful craftsmen. And Tikhvin was a religious town famous for its monasteries and churches. The cultural life is connected with the name of Rimsky-Korsakov. Tikhvin is the birthplace of this great Russian composer. We have a memorial house-museum in our town.
During the WW2 Tikhvin was occupied by Nazi troops but the Soviet soldiers stood to the death near the town and Tikhvin became free after a month of occupation. The re-capture of Tikhvin was extremely vital for the Road of Life on the ice across the frozen lake Ladoga. Nowadays Tikhvin is a beautiful green town. Although it`s rather small there are enough good facilities for relaxation and entertainment. We have a few hotels and restaurants, an aquapark, a sports centre, a stadium, a cinema as well as shops and cafes. The industry in Tikhvin is presented by several plants.
Every year in spring the famous festival called “Tikhvin Lel” is hold. It`s children`s artistic competition. Another annual festival is called “September in Tikhvin”. Tikhvin is a town with rich cultural life and a lot of places to visit and admire.

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