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Moscow. I love my city.

Yulia Poletaeva Stanislavovna
School № 1924, form: 8 B
Teacher: Belkova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna.

I am a teenager, I was born in Moscow, my hobby is taking pictures. I am going to connect my future job with English

Hello, my name is Yulia, and I was born in Moscow. I love my city, it is the capital of Russia. I would like to tell you some facts about my native city. Moscow is in the heart of Russia. In the first place is that my city is very charming, magnificent and interesting, it is important for me, because I like to take pictures. Secondly, there are many amazing sights and landscapes. If you are a tourist, at first you must visit Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre and the Tretyakov Gallery. They are the most famous places of Moscow. As for me, I prefer to take a walk in the old central parts of our city, because there I can enjoy the beauty of old Russian architecture. Nowadays Moscow is under construction and it is difficult to find historical houses, yards and parks. Of course I like the modern appearance of our city, but there is something special in old Moscow, that keeps many memories about past times. Thirdly Moscow is a very big city. On the one hand is it good to live in a big city? I think, the main advantages of this, are that I have many opportunities for entertainment and education and a great opportunity to make a good career. But on the other hand there are several disadvantages the first is that the air is not so clean as the air of the village. The second disadvantage is that there is much traffic, and of course it is a great problem with parking and traffic jams.
This year I had an important event connecting with my city. My classmates and I were a part of of the Grand March on Red Square which was connected with 70 years of the battle near Moscow. We had some repetitions with solders and even with military cars. And now we have a document and a medal, demonstrating this, and many exiting impressions from this event.
To sum up all facts I would like to invite you to my city. I hope you will fall in love with Moscow.

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