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The Victory Park and Mountain Poklonnaya

Романова Ольга, ученица 10-го «А» класса
ГБОУ СОШ №619 г.Москва
Учитель – Гапичева-Воронцова Ирина Валентиновна

The Victory Park on Mountain Poklonnaya was founded in 1961, and in 1968 Triumphal Arch was placed on the square of Victory. Memorial complex planned to be a great monument to all the people who had given their lives for Russia, to all its known and unknown defenders, to all the victors. Till now this place is still changing. On the 6th of May 1995 Patriarch Alexiy II sanctified the church of St. George Victorious which is in front of the monument of Victory. It’s a pity this church isn’t a rich one and there are few believers there, though the building is beautiful and when the weather is sunny it’s always full of light.
Near the Eastern enter of the park there is a terrace of fountains, in my opinion it’s the most beautiful part of the complex, build in one architecture style, unlike the other parts of the territory. The territory of the memorial complex is hilly, there are few trees there as it’s difficult for them to grow on the strong piercing wind which always blows there. The things which exist in the park in really huge quantities are ranges, steep and sloping ups and downs, enough place for various monuments. The museum of the Great Patriotic War in the Victory Park, a massive building with a gloomy front, gains new exhibits and is always full of visitors. The exhibits kept there are really precious.
Mountain Poklonnaya itself practically doesn’t exist any more, it’s only the fundament of the Victory Park. There were the times when it was the highest hill in Moscow, and Napoleon saw the Kremlin from it… But time passes, the attitude to such places changes, and what happened with Mountain Poklonnaya isn’t the worst thing.
In spite of grey Soviet style of the memorial complex and its unfinished look, the creators of the park made it possible for the visitors to have some certain feeling which helps us to keep in our memory the heroic feats of our nation.

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