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Умнов Андрей-ученик 7 класса
(Район Коньково Юго-Западный округ Москвы)

Tell me my uncle, don’t deny
The Moscow burnt in terrible fire
Was given to Napoleon
I know battles were going on
And were hard and violent they
All Russia remembers Borodino day
The Russian text: Lermontov Mihail Urievich.
Translation: Umnow A.

The Great War with French army finished in 1812. And now it is 200 years since this great date. So I think I should include the Borodino, the place where the bloodiest battles of this war took place into the Interactive Russian map. On the 26th of August French army started its attack at the village of Borodino where Russian army was staying. The attack started at the regiment of Bagration. The village was defended by huntsmen. French soldiers made huntsmen to step back to the river Colocha. But they managed to come back and destroyed the 106 French regiment.
One of the most important battles was Platov and Uvarov’raid. That wasn’t a big or violent fight, but as a war historian A.I. Michailovskyi-Danilevsky said, ”All who fought in that great battle remembered that minute when violence of attacks decreased and we could… breath freely.” At the same time Platov and Uvarov’ soldiers attacked the French army. Enemies who weren’t ready to this attack gave an order to step back. This attack helped the regiment of general Raevsky to defend an Uticky mound. Napoleon was shocked. That was the first time when he recognized the power of Russian army.
Fight abated. Napoleon stepped back. He was upset and disappointed. Kutuzov led army to the Mojaisk . The battle was over. Nowadays you can come to Borodino field and see the traces of the war. There is a museum and a lot of monuments in honor of Russian victory.

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