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The Torgovy Kvartal.

Галустянц Валерий, 9-Б класс,
Учитель английского языка:
Баранова Елена Владимировна

My name is Valery Galustyants. I’ m the pupil of the 9th form of the secondary school. Now I’m living in Domodedovo. I came here two years ago and I can see the real changes in the life of the city.
I would like to tell you about one important event –the opening of the shopping centre “Torgovy Kvartal”which took place at the end of last year. The “Torgovy Kvartal” is a great step in the development of our town, a step which was made towards its citizens. This mall is situated on Kashirskoe highway. There are 31,216 square meters there. It has three levels: the ground floor, the first floor and the second one. The “Torgovy Kvartal” is the biggest shopping mall in Domodedovo. There is a big food store, which is called “Victoria”, a sport shop “Sport master”, an electronics store “M-video”, and many other smaller shops. Also the cinema will be opened very soon. This center is very spacious and comfortable, as it is near and it isn’t necessary go to Moscow for buying new clothes or electronics. The young families with children can do the shopping here without any trouble because there is a children game zone, where parents can leave their children. You can meet with friends there, go to the cinema together, after that you can have a tasty dinner in the food court, in short, you can spend your time with pleasure.
Do you want to buy a new phone? You can do it in four shops. Do you want to buy clothes, shoes, perfume, sport equipment or gifts for your family and friends? All these things are available for you in different shops of this shopping centre.
I hope this place will do a lot of good to the citizens of my town and will attract other people, too.

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