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Канова Маргарита Александровна
Гимназия № 17 г. Электросталь
Ученица 9 класса

Everyone has his small native land. It is always important to have a nice place to be born and grown, to study, to get acquainted with friends, a place to gain some life experience. And we are very lucky to live in such a place, because our native city is Electrostal, and we are really proud to be its inhabitants.
The history of the city is quite interesting. In 1916, the territory known as “Zatishye tract” was chosen to build two electrometallurgical factories. The name “Electrostal” was given to it in 1928, town status – in 1938. Since then, it has been developing its industrial potential. As the result, Electrostal is the modern center of metallurgy and heavy machinery manufacturing, as well as the largest nuclear fuel producer in Russia.
Electrostal has its own coat of arms. It represents Hephaestus, a Greek god known as a patron of all smiths and handicraftsmen. He stands in front of his anvil and hits a metal bar with his hammer. It symbolizes our city’s metallurgy and manufacturing industry. Above the hammer there is an atom and two uprising lightning bolts as a symbol of the big contribution to the development of a national nuclear power industry made by our city.
I’ve found an interesting fact recently – there is a motor ship named in honor of Electrostal. It was launched in 1961, attributed to the Far Eastern sea shipping company.
Electrostal is a very beautiful, green and well-arranged city. It has wide, clean streets and modern buildings, sometimes in contrast with the old part of the city. The Electrostal city park is a nice place to rest and entertain. Stadiums, pools and some other sport facilities are intended to keep our townspeople healthy. All in all, our city is a great place to live, so welcome everyone – we will be happy to meet you!

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