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My home town – Volgodonsk

Дугина Мария Николаевна. Лицей № 24.
Учитель: Лукьянченко Ольга Александровна;

I live in town Volgodonsk. I like my town as I live here since my birth.
There are a lot of other beautiful and big cities in Russia but my home town is the best among them. I always come back to Volgodonsk from another places because I live here with my mum and dad. My parents came to Volgodonsk in 1988. Also I have a lot of friends here. I study at my favourite school. I have a lot of hobbies: theatre, piano, choreography.
As I fond of sports I would like to tell about sports in my town. Volgodonsk has the famous sports traditions. There are a lot of champions of Europe and the World who starts their sporting career in Volgodonsk: the Olympic runner of Peking Julia Gush’ina, the champion of the World and Europe, the world record-holder in swimming by breast-stroke Julia Ephimova.
Sports clubs and teams.
There are three teams of masters, taking part in the championships of Russia: women’s team on hockey on the grass “Donchanka” (it has become 7 times by champion of Russia , 2 times by holder of the Cup of Russia ), women’s volleyball team “Impulse-sport” and women’s team on water-polo “Youth”.
Important sports competitions.
Annually the great all-Russian and international competitions are held in Volgodonsk – tournament on Greek-Rome fighting, on boxing, competitions on callisthenics “The Beauty of Don”.
In town Volgodonsk there are social federations on football, volleyball, track and field athletics, swimming, boxing, Greek and Rome fighting, chess, hockey on the grass, rugby and dance sport. In every area the special instructor works, who organizes public sport, attracts the dwellers to the healthy way of life.

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