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The Maltese Chapel

Матвеева Наталья Владимировна,
Цветкова Ольга Эдуардовна
ФГКОУ Санкт-Петербургское Суворовское военное училище МО РФ
Преподаватели ОД иностранные языки(английский язык)

If you want to find a very unusual place where you can listen to majestic organ classical music, the Maltese Chapel is your right choice. At the end of the XVIII Russian Tsar Paul I got the title of the Master of the Maltese Order because of the difficult political situation in order to support Malta.
Vorontsov Palace was given to Maltese Order so in 1798 – 1800 a Catholic chapel was built by a great architect G. Quarenghi on its territory. Maltese Chapel of St. John the Baptist is an architectural monument of the Classicism. Designed in 1797-1800, for Catholic knights of the Maltese Order, it was added to the south wing of the former Vorontsov Palace. The austere facade is decorated with a Corinthian portico; the interior boasts lavish stucco moulding and decorative paintings. In 1810 it was given to the Page Corps, the Maltese Chapel was used as the house church for Catholic pages and foreign diplomats. In 1909, an organ of the German Walker company was installed. In 1918, the church was closed, the building became a club. Thanking to the headmaster of Suvorov Military School V.Skobelev the chapel was restored. In the 1990s, restoration works were carried out under the supervision of architect S. V. Samusenko. Today the building serves as an assembly hall and museum of Suvorov Military School and a concert hall.

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