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Diveevo, a wonderful corner of Russia

Куртова Юлия Александровна
ГБОУ ЦО № 1488 г. Москвы
учитель английского языка

Have you ever heard anything about Diveevo? This wonderful corner of Russian Golden Ring is situated not far from Murom and is considered to be the fourth Virgin Mary's inheritance on the Earth and the only one in Russia. So, every year millions of pilgrims come here to feel the God's grace of this holy site. According to a legend, Virgin Mary wanted Saint Seraphim Sarovskiy to construct a religious house for her. She promised to be its Mother Superior. Virgin Mary also asked to dig a groove around the monastery. Now this groove is a religious symbol of Diveevo and a powerful protection for all Christian people. The main icon patron of Diveevo monastery is the icon "Virgin Mary of Tenderness". Seraphim Sarovskiy used the wonder-making icon to cure the afflicted. The main sacred thing of the monastery is Seraphim Sarovskiy's holy relics. They were returned to the church only on the 11-th of January in 1991, and on the 30-th of July they were delivered to Diveevo.
It should also be mentioned, that Diveevo is famous for its sacred springs. They are health-giving and cure people from different ailments. In spite of the fact that water here is very cold and its temperature rarely happens to be more than 5 degrees above zero, you shouldn't be afraid of catching a cold. If you visit Diveevo, you will make sure, that it`s an ideal place for people, tired of noisy big cities, heavy traffic and constant necessity to be in a hurry. In Diveevo you can deeply feel the atmosphere of silence, calmness and conciliation, you can find harmony in life and in yourself. I'd like to end my essay with Seraphim Sarovskiy's words of wisdom: "Happy is the person who stays by poor Seraphim from morning till morning, wherefore Virgin Mary visits this place every day".

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