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Никифорова Елизавета Алексеевна
МАОУСОШ № 1 г. Окуловки Новгородской обл.
Ученица 9Б класса, преподаватель Громова Ольга Викторовна

Winston Churchill once said that «Russia is like a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an engima». There are many places on a huge territory of our country which are full of attraction for tourists. One of them is my native town.
Okulovka is located in the east of the Novgorod region, on the Valdai Hills. The first mention of village Okulovka was found in the book Derevskoy Pyatina of about 1495 years ago. The Oktyabrskaya Railway, where high-speed trains carrying goods and passengers move, runs through our town. The famous writer Vitaly Bianki called Okulovsky region «the country of wonders», and I should agree with his words. To prove the truth of his proposition it is necessary to mention that Okulovka is situated between two Russian centers - Moscow and St. Petersburg, and each year visitors from the two capitals come here to enjoy the freshness of our forests, swim in crystal clear waters of our lakes and rivers. Blue lakes, calm streams, hiding in the dense thickets, clean air, forests, filled with smell of green pine needles - all this is our nature.
Besides natural wealth Okulovsky area has a large number of churches and temples. If I had a chance to work as a guide, I would show tourists the temple built in the honor of Alexander Nevsky. After his death the Orthodox Church made him a saint. Merchant Ivan Zubov and church caretaker Cosma Egorov gave about 80 thousand rubles on the construction of the temple. People living in Okulovka and nearby villages also wanted to help and began to make a contribution. The church was 18 sazhens high and the dome on it was made from stone.
I told you only a few facts about my motherland, so I suggest you visit this wonderful place yourself. Maybe after it you will understand why I love and am proud of Okulovka!

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