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Холодкова Анна — ученица 11 класса.
Гриб Ирина Федоровна, учитель английского языка.
ГБОУ лицей (технологический) с. Хрящевка,
Ставропольского района, Самарской области.

My name is Anna. I am in the 11th form. I would like to tell you about my place where I live. It was as the village of fishermen on lands of the Novodevichy Convent.The main types of an economy of inhabitants of the village were agriculture and fishery.
War broke country life. In total for all war from Hryashchevk's village 1955 people were called, from them 913 people were lost. Battling to fascists, they showed the presents heroism and courage. Among hryashchevets is the Hero of the Soviet Union – Golodnov Alexey Vasilyevich. In 1953 waters of the Kuibyshev reservoir flooded Hryashchevk's ancient Volga village, fields. water meadows, lakes, small rivers, ravines and hills - everything that some centuries surrounded villagers, gave to drink and fed them, was a part of their inner world. Before flooding the village transferred for some kilometers to the steppe, on the desert radical coast of the Volga flood plain. People got used to the new village, began to arrange well the houses. At the moment it is beautiful, big village with well developed infrastructure. According to recent data now in the village lives about 4000 people who live in 34 apartment 2 and 5 floor houses, 76 cottages and in more than 693 private houses.
From time immemorial Hryashchevka was considered as the fishing village, and now inhabitants of the village remain are true old tradition and quite often go on the coast to fish.

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