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Лукьянец Ирина Евгеньевна,
учитель французского и английского языков МОУ СОШ №1
село Кочубеевское Кочубеевского района Ставропольского края
первая квалификационная категория;
Борисенко Валерия и Кузнецова Елизавета, ученицы 8 «А» класса.

Kotchubeevskoe is a village that lies in a picturesque place on the left bank of the river Kuban. Kotchubeevskoe is situated to the south-west of Stavropol, the capital of Stavropol region, in the Northern Caucasus. The main roads of Russian transport network run through the village.
The village was formed in 1866 thanks to the confluence of some little German settlements and a Russian village and was called in honour of the Tsar’s daughter Olga. But only in 1961 it was renamed in Kotchubeevskoe after the hero of the Civil War Ivan Kocthubey. The population is nearly 30 000 people. The ethnic composition is multiform so about 40 Caucasus nationalities live in it. Nowadays the village is an administrative and economical center of Kotchubeevskoe district. The richness of natural resources has become the basis of the main industries such as agricultural machinery, road building and clothing. Mining, cattle breeding and the agriculture are still the main branches of the economy. Chief crops such as corn, wheat, grain, sugar beets, sunflowers, dairy products and fruits, vegetables are produced here.
Kotchubeevskoe is a well-planned village: the buildings are not very tall, the streets and avenues are straight, green and beautiful. It has almost everything to live and develop children’s abilities: 4 secondary schools, a music school, a sport school, a children’s creative center, 6 kindergartens, a museum, a cinema and one of the modern swimming pool and a big stadium. The Head of our village and our citizens are interested in prosperity of our native town and are proud of achievements of our countrymen.
When the weather is fine, you can see a thrilling view of Stavropol Hills. To sum up, the village of Kotchubeevskoe is a great place for living and visiting.

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